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hi! what is your policy on people making videos on your game??

Anyone can make a video of our game! :)

Great representation, great art, and realistic characters. Looking forward to the full release to get to see the rest of the cast!

*cries* Bipoc gays, thank god for the bipoc gays- I honestly adore this game so far! The characters are messy yet so wonderful, the story is fun, and the art is just *mwah*! 

I'm obsessed and so very looking forward to the full game!! The characters are all so messy and wonderful. I love them.

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Cool that there is a transman like I, was looking forward to it, but damn I hate his character. He's so pissy, whiny and self righteous about everything. Could be realistic as some people really are like that, but I dunno. Cannot get into it at all sadly. 

Writing is also very juvenile and stiff, couldn't get into it.

Nice art though, no complains there.

i liked this a lot! the writing is very natural and the character art is great. definitely looking forward to the full version

i LOVE this game!! Its so well designed, the characters even in demo are very fleshed out and feel like real people. If you BIPOC and looking for a more relevant life sim then is is definitely the game for you! Pick it up!! 

Even just in the demo, the characters are all delightfully vibrant. I’ll be excited to see more of everything this game has to offer 💕

Such a cool concept with such good characters/writing/art!!! Im sosososo excited for the full game when we get to meet the other characters:-DD!!!

Love the diversity and representation! Thank you for creating such wonderful trans characters.

I love the game and the art in the game!!! I can't wait to buy it when the full game comes out !!!! Thank y'all for making this <3. 

this game is poggers

i loved this!!!! im actually super duper pumped for the full game!!

This was such a great game! The characters had such variety from personality to nationality! I played as everyone and made every single choice (i think)! Very excited for the full game!

I love the demo! I hope I can see the full game soon

love the demo can't wait for the full game!!

Very nice! I love the flow the dialogue has. It feels wonderfully natural. Excited to see it finished and fully polished. 

i'd seen the kickstarter floating around and i finally played the demo (Anoki & Malik) and wow...just...have all my money PLEASE!!! i feel so seen.

Just played the demo and I already love it! Already pledge $21 on your kickstarter to make sure I can grab a copy right when it comes out, very excited and I wish the team best of luck. <3

This is amazing! I love the layered process through going on dates, most authentic dating sim I've played yet. I can't wait to buy the final product.

I love the game so far! I played as Ashlie because seeing her bio made me happy. The fact that she's a gamer and she's part Lao; those are the two things I can relate to. Seeing Lao people in media isn't common so that made me happy! (Since I'm full, it's hard to find representation in the first place).

I really like this game, the art is awesome, and just everything is awesome. looking forward for the full game.

I just started playing as Arihi and as a gay trans masc I relate to him so much. It's always cool to see more trans characters. Thank you for this amazing game!

This is so good!! I'm so excited for the full game! So far I've played Ashlie and Arihi. 

IK this is a demo but wanted to let you know that I'm having audio issues with the mac build. The music is static-y so I had to mute it. 

Thank you for telling us we just fixed it!